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chilly shall rule us all
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:love: chilly is so cute but also powerful too :3 :iconloveyouplz:

well I just got tagged by :iconninja-froggy: and :iconwhitetsubaki:

20 Facts About Me:

1. I hate loud noises

2. I work with animals

3. I only have one shiny Pokémon

4. I can be moody

5.  I like to swim

6. I like to travel

7. I am sly and clever.

8. Sometimes I stay quiet to observe what's going on.

9. I day dream a lot

10. I am more active at night then I am during the day.

11.  I cosplay and I also make the tails and the masks.

12.   I love to roleplay.

13.   I like photography

14.   I listen to many types of music but I like mostly rock and metal.

15.   I read a lot of books

16.   I have so many drawings that I never uploaded yet.

17.   I do write stories

18.   I have huge collections of many things like plushies, books, tails, costumes, art supplies and much more

19.   I can carve wood

20.   I have worked with metal

in case you wonder what I meant by yarn tail I will send you a note of a video oh yarn tail tutorials.

whitetsubaki’s questions


1. What is your favorite color scheme?

Well I like plenty of colors but in my opinion colors that go well together are

Orange and black also purple and black are great together.

 2. What is your favorite kind of animal?

    The canine family <3 :iconfoxylaplz:

3. What is your favorite mythical creature?

      Actually this would be very hard to answer because there are so many that I like.

4. What would you be if you WERE a mythical creature?


5. Winter or Spring?


6.  Choose your Element?

Hm well this is a tough choice but I would chose electric this time I would also choose fire and ice ^-^

7. Your plan for a Halloween costume :D

To have a fox mask with a movable jaw, make a huge tail out of yarn, make the paws, if I felt like it I could include the glowing eyes.

8. What be your current quest in life?

    hm I do not really know yet. 

9. Marvel or DC?

Dc but marvel is nice too.

10. One super fun fact about yourself :3

Right now I have 2 series but I am also coming up with more.

One of them is about a world ruled by anthros X3 squee… and this one is also my favorite on to work on and I had it for over ten years. And I still make ocs for it heck I have so many characters from it and I will roleplay as them too.

Another one is about an angry box XD


kracko-prime's questions

What would happen you learned you were adopted?
Freak out at first but then get used to it.
Someone confesses they love you, what do you do?
Um uh....
If you saw me, what would be the first thing you do?
Say hi
Reality TV sucks, am I right?
Yes in fact there are so many reality shows that annoy me too much.
Grossest thing you ever ate?
Any pets?
yep 3 cats and 1 dog however I used to have a hamster, a betta fish, frogs, a spider, and toads
however I do plan on getting a pet fox, skunk, ferret, and sugar glider and I also have worked with these animals
plus it's legal in my state but you would need a permit.
Favorite cartoons?
catdog, rocko's modern life, and much more
Your favorite band?
I do have a long list but I will only say a few though. Three days grace, linkin park,evanescence,
Your least favorite animal?
Mosquitoes, parasites, ticks, fleas.

My questions

1. what bands do you like?
2. what movie are you very anxious to see?
3. what games do you like?
4. what was the most bizarre dream that you had?
5. have you even been to a convention?
6. do you cosplay?
7. which super power would you like to have?
8. what is your most hated tv show?
9. Are you active in any fandoms?
10. are you going to buy the 3ds or wii u version of super smash bros?

I tag.....

:iconi-see-shell: :iconkirbycompany888:  :iconsilverflamethebeast::iconpurpleink777: :iconsourisdedog:

  • Mood: Bemused
  • Listening to: music
  • Reading: comments on DA, horror ect.
  • Watching: crazy youtube Videos
  • Playing: Pokemon mystery dungeon and some other games
  • Eating: popcorn and other foods
  • Drinking: soda and other drinks


Artist | Varied
United States
If I add you as a watcher I will not remove at all
I want to make people laugh and try my best
and help friends out in fights oh and I can be very random I will also respect other people's opinions because after all if everyone had the same opinion or if everyone looked the same the world would be a very boring place to live. which is why I believe in being unique because in real life we are all unique in our own way. I actually have lots of art and lots of ocs and fcs that is not uploaded due to actually I draw on paper I have a huge amount of art that is not on here due to the scanner taking all of my hard work and taking all of the shading away e~e also my computer is very stubborn when I upload pictures when is really annoying> :C this will explain things about the problem but I am trying my best to finally upload stuff
I also have my have own series.

Skin of choice: Fur I would also like to have a tail too.
Favorite cartoon character: well to be honest this is a hard choice due to having so many favorites

United Kingdom Stamp by l8Russian Federation Stamp by l8Italy Stamp by l8France Stamp by l8Germany Stamp by l8
Greece Stamp by l8Austrian Flag Stamp by xxstamps


some character stamps. while I do have a lot of favorite characters I just decided to show some of them.
Animated Jolteon Stamp by JA-punksterChilly Stamp by skulls887Spinni Stamp by skulls887flygon stamp by PFV0-Stampraichu stamp by PFV0-StampXatu Stamp by ThalateyaPikachu stamp by konoesuzumiyaPichu Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsEevee's Stamp by Szkot-ayeNinetails-Stamp by TheOnlyWayIsDeathOkami Stamp 3 by Kixxarfurret stamp by PFV0-StampLouie Stamp by PhillusBomberman Jetters Stamp by kittypopchow601Abra Stamp by spud133064 - Kadabra by MarlenesstampsAlakazam Stamp by Shiori-Hikaru:thumb342281502:Marx stamp 2 by CinsaTalXenoMakerKing Boo Stamp by Boo-ShrineBoo Stamp by xSheepiLing Ling stamp by HappyStampChiramii Stamp by izka197Cheesey by SweeneyLDoctor Octagonapus Stamp by sillymywayHamtaro Fan stamp by Atlanta-Hammy::I :heart: Keatons:: by Danny-PaintSandshrew Stamp by PokeDigiStampsSandslash by Cathines-StampsEmpoleon stamp by RoseRaptor-StampsRiolu Stamp by NoNamepjeFennekin stamp by Anto-202Arashi no Yoru Ni  STAMP 2 by SupercrisXD


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I want to start using points also I am trying to get to super group. as well as prizes to give to people in the contest that they won in my club

so can you please donate it would be helpful :iconbegplz: can you resist this face

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